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Katie Fischer's North London Sleep Consultancy

Whatever stage you're at in your life, I have a sleep solution for you.

How life changing would it feel for you to know that sleep isn't something you need to worry about any more?

Welcome to my home page for sleep support for the whole family

I've supported 1000s of families and individuals so that they can start each morning feeling rested and ready to take on the day.

The changes we can achieve together will be transformative – not only by improving your nightly sleep quality or your child's, but also by breaking the cycle of sleep-related anxiety and helping you feel more energised, organised and in control of your life.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by conflicting parenting advice or you don’t know where to start to help your child sleep more reliably and independently?

Do you feel you've tried everything and it's just not helping you fall asleep or stay asleep?

As an experienced Adult and Child Behavioural Sleep Specialist, I can guide you towards the right solutions for you or your child, and support you in evidence-based techniques to achieve your sleep goals.

Toddler & Child Sleep Consultations

I specialise in holistic approaches and behavioural interventions for toddlers through to primary age/secondary transition. I can help you with a sleep plan to resolve issues whilst being mindful of your child’s broader emotional and developmental needs. Each child is different and your sleep situation is unique, so I'm here to listen, support, guide and empower you to meet your personal goals at a pace that feels manageable.

1:1 sessions are available from 9 months+ with 3 levels of follow-up support to choose from. Home visits are available in North London and surrounding areas.

Adult Sleep Consultations & CBT-i Programs

Whether you're experiencing periodic poor sleep, acute insomnia or have been struggling with chronic insomnia for months or years, I'll help you assess the underlying causes, identify your personal vulnerabilities and better understand your sleep need. I'm trained to deliver a clinically proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i) Program, which will strengthen the association between your bed and automatic sleep again.

You can choose from standalone sessions or a 6-week program with me over sequential weeks. An initial in-person option is available in North London and surrounding areas.

Shop Sleep Guides & E-learning

Explore my affordable baby & toddler step-by-step PDF sleep guides and comprehensive child & adult e-learning videos addressing how to improve sleep quality and resolve the common sleep problems I see in my practice every day.

Access my toolkit of holistic strategies, behavioural techniques, creative ideas and circadian tricks today!

All downloads are instantly available upon purchase.

I'm passionate about accurate sleep education, sharing science-based strategies to unlock better sleep health, nurturing children in their formative years and supporting other working mums and dads.

As an experienced Family Sleep Consultant and Insomnia Therapy Expert, I'm uniquely placed to help you:

Resolve sleep problems with a baby, toddler or older child

Manage transitions and sleep regressions through infancy and beyond

Create a happier work/life balance during parenthood

Achieve more restorative sleep

Overcome short or long-term insomnia without medication using CBT-i

I’m based in Crouch End in North London if you'd like to work with me face-to face, or I'm here to support you virtually wherever you are in the UK or world.

Professional Memberships & Partners

As well as supporting clients through my North London private practice, I also host Adult & Child sleep workshops and provide 1:1 coaching for NHS staff, global businesses and wellness platforms.

Media and Podcasts

Happy & Rested Clients

My Top 5 Self-Care Tools for Parents in a Sleep Crisis

Sometimes it’s just not the right timing for you or your child to embark on big changes but you still need some quick wins to lessen the strain and make day and night feel more liveable – particularly if you're a working parent.

Access my free video to learn about simple but effective adjustments that you can implement in the meantime.

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